Go creative with your camera!

You are going to learn: an amazing journey into photography world is waiting for you! We designed the full and detailed six lessons’ manual on creating stunning photos. Each lesson contains absolutely new artistic tasks and tips following which you will be able to make incredible shots. Of course, you are going to work on developing your photographic skills under the guidance of your personal instructor who will do their best to provide the most customized approach.

You are going to need: a Canon digital camera, a computer with Internet access and your wish to take awesome pictures.

  • 6 online classes
  • 53 creative tasks
  • Unlimited material access
  • Personal tutor
  • Complexity level Course for beginners
Welcome to your first lesson! We’ll warm up with a couple of simple, fun assignments. Just bring your camera and your imagination; we’ll provide complete instructions, sample photos and ideas to get your creative juices flowing. When you’ve finished shooting, upload your images and your personal instructor will provide constructive feedback within 24 hours. To learn more about this topic, go to the “Theory” section and watch our video tutorial.
Lesson 2: Understanding Exposure 9 homework assignments
Exercising practices from this lesson will help you get full control over the brightness of your pictures. Find out what is aperture, shutter speed, ISO and how to handle this trio to get shots exactly like you want them to be. Teach your camera to work for you and get only best results.
Lesson 3: Shooting Modes 10 homework assignments
Why should you use any shooting mode other than Automatic? Find out what each mode is meant for, which one should you use in particular situation. What mode suits most shooting conditions and sets no limits to your creativity? Do the practices, shoot only what feels interesting, expand your creativity!
Lesson 4: Focusing on a subject 10 homework assignments
There is a vast amount of lenses in the market. Which one to choose? Find out what each lens is suited for and how it affects your photographs. Even if you have only one piece of glass in your disposal, performing our creative practices will help you unveil all its potential and improve your shots.
Lesson 5: White balance and color 8 homework assignments
What photographs do you find best, color or b/w? Learn to manage color in your camera. Make a sunset burning like flame, grass green as emerald! Match ideal colors in your portraits and landscapes. Learn to deliver emotions through the color in your shots by changing appropriate settings in your camera. Experiment with new practices and get best results!
Lesson 6: Using flash 7 homework assignments
Why should you use flash if a DSLR can handle almost all shooting conditions without it? Find out, how a flash can improve portraits and make some nice difference to the pictures in other situations. How can you cancel the “red eyes” issue and get rid of distracting flares. Train your creativity with the help of flash!
Canon DSLR: The Basics
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